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Board and Committee Members

Lord Edwin E Hitti, President

Made his mark early in his career by advising governments in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America at the head-of-state level on matters of economic strategy, with a particular focus on the oil and gas industry. He subsequently expanded his consultancy to both public and private sector corporates, multinational and private clients. Lord Edwin is a resourceful businessman who not only provides innovative solutions to seemingly intractable problems but is focused on achieving the client's objectives. The key to his success is his strategy of developing trust-based, close relationships with key individuals.

Joseph Lin, Vice President

A seasoned sales professional with extensive experience in treasury and capital markets with Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank and HSBC as well as the insurance industry. A very versatile individual, his ability to tailor products and services to meet clients' needs and meeting their service expectations is exceptional. He has helped many clients dig themselves out of significant impasses.

Robin Fox, Secretary

A certified public accountant with degrees in law and business administration. He has spent over 25 years in the investment banking and investment management industries in Europe, but primarily in Asia. Over the last 5 years he has focused on the oil and gas industry in Greater China, as well as the minerals and gold sectors, mainly in Asia but including Australia and Africa. With, amongst others, Quam Securities, Robin has extensive experience in structuring complex transactions in the industry and has been actively involved in listing both small and medium sized companies on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Rudi Prenzlin, Treasurer

A senior finance specialist with a considerable commercial banking background with 15 years at HSBC. He has a proven track record in formulating, communicating, evaluating, implementing, and monitoring strategic investment plans involving asset allocation, corporate policy and diversification of risk. He has extensive experience in the alternative investment industry, including trading commodity futures and investing in real estate. Rudi has excellent management skills and is able to manage external resources to fit with internal governance and organization. Rudi has worked in multicultural environments in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Gordon Yip, Credit Committee Chairman

A senior finance professional with more than 18 years experience in banking, direct investment, and project finance in Asia with Banque Indosuez and Standard Chartered Asia. His unique skills in business management and product development are a contributing factor to his strength in originating and evaluating bankable solutions and transactions with a particular focus on infrastructure and power plant projects. Gordon is a dynamic, committed, and impressively motivated task-starter.

Julia Charlton, Credit Committee Secretary

A Principal Partner at Charltons. Julia was admitted solicitor in England & Wales in 1985, and has practiced as a solicitor in Hong Kong since 1987. She is an experienced practitioner in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, private equity investment, securities, derivatives and funds. Julia has extensive China experience and is a Mandarin speaker. She has advised both issuers and underwriters on listings of Chinese companies on Hong Kong, Shanghai and London Stock Exchanges. Julia also has experience in foreign investment in the PRC. She is advisor to regulators, financial institutions and listed companies on listing rules of both the Main Board and the Growth Enterprise Market, securities law, capital markets, M&A, investment funds, restructuring and regulatory issues.

Anthony Chan, Supervisory Committee Chairman

A Managing Partner at Hammonds in Hong Kong. He focuses on all aspects of investment and divestment work, with extensive experience in private equity, mergers and acquisitions and trade and investment matters spanning a number of industry sectors. Experienced in secured, structured and tax-based finance, Anthony has represented banks and borrowers on key debt restructurings in Hong Kong and mainland China as well as major asset based financings in the Asia Pacific region. Anthony is currently the Chairman of the International Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong.

Jason Gerber, Supervisory Committee Secretary

A California qualified lawyer. Jason has lived and worked in China, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, for over 15 years and is experienced in advising multinationals and SMEs on project finance related legal issues, including foreign investment regulation, tax issues, M&A structuring and execution, corporate structuring, intellectual property, commercial dispute resolution, and international business issues. He currently advises companies and individuals on onshore/offshore structuring for companies, trusts, funds and related instruments at Global Consultants & Services. Jason holds a BA and JD and speaks fluent Mandarin.

Shariah Advisory Board

Our Board consists of prominent Islamic scholars with a strong background in law and economics. All of our finance products and transactions are carried out in full compliance with the Shariah Advisory Board's guidelines.    

Sheikh Amine El Kurdi
Head of Religious Affairs at Dar El Fatwa

Justice Oussama Ajouz
Former Judge, Attorney and Professor of International Law

Lord Edwin E. Hitti
Economics and Policy Strategy Advisor

Dr. Walid El Kuzbary
Constitutional Counsel and Attorney in International Law

Zubair M. Latif
Markets Editor

Our Principles
Primary Objectives

To provide financial services to our members in line with (Halal*) Islamic principles; that is, the fair, simple and straight forward profit & loss sharing concept.

To facilitate earning Halal income.

To ease financing and ownership of property (home, vehicle & other approved tangible assets) in line with Islamic principles.

To assist performing social & religious obligations for Muslim members, namely Zakat* and Hajj*.

To establish feasible joint venture or partnership with our members and like-minded organizations.

*see glossary for terms (located at page bottom)


Credit Unions differ from Traditional Banks in many ways!
"Compared to banks, credit unions pay members higher returns on deposits, offer lower cost on loans, and have lower fees for services."

--Daniella Moretti

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