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Statements made in this information release, which are not historical facts, contain certain forward-looking statements concerning potential developments affecting the business, prospects, financial condition and other aspects to which this release pertains. The actual results of the specific items described in this release, generally, may differ materially from what is projected in such forward-looking statements. Although such statements are based upon the best judgments of management as of the date of this release, significant deviations in magnitude, timing and other factors may result from business risks and uncertainties including, without limitation, dependence on third parties, general market and economic conditions, technical factors, the availability of outside capital, receipt of revenues and other factors, many of which are beyond our control. We therefore disclaim any obligation to update any information contained in any forward-looking statement.

Without limiting any of the foregoing, any information or ideas herein contained may not be reproduced or re-disseminated in whole or in part without our prior written permission. The Information may not be used to verify or correct other data, to create Index, risk models, analytics, or in connection with offering, sponsoring, managing or marketing any securities, portfolios, financial instruments or products. None of the Information constitutes an offer to buy or sell, or a promotion or recommendation of, any security, financial instrument or product or trading strategy. Further, none of the Information is intended to constitute investment advice or a recommendation to make (or refrain from making) any kind of deposit or investment decision and may not be relied on as such. The information is provided “as is” and the user of the Information assumes the entire risk of any use it may make or permit to be made of it. In particular, historical data and analysis if any should not be taken as an indication or guarantee of any past or future performance, analysis or prediction.



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