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Wealth Management
Trust and Fiduciary Services

Establishing a trust can help you meet a variety of goals from providing long-term asset management for your family after your death, to transferring assets to a younger generation or making large charitable donations.

We can act as the trustee or offer guidance to whomever has fiduciary responsibility, utilizing sound and prudent judgment.

  • Living Trusts
  • Charitable Trusts
  • Multi-generation Trusts
  • Special Needs Trusts
Financial Planning

Managing a financial portfolio effectively can be a complicated process, it is important to maintain an open line of communication with a trusted advisor. Our advisors are experienced, knowledgeable, and can work seamlessly with your accountant, attorney and other members of your existing financial team. Whether your wealth is inherited, earned from a start-up business or accrued over time, it is important to precisely evaluate your needs and goals before setting a program. We are familiar with the latest

developments and opportunities, carefully balancing all opportunities with your risk threshold and goals. We know your investment returns should be maximized in careful balance with both your short and long-term needs, tax liability and asset transfer plans. Exclusive concierge services are available for clients with unique requirements.

Estate Services

In matters of estate services, experience is essential. Whether it is a standard will, beneficiary designation or property ownership issue, our advisors will work with your legal counsel to administer your estate – handling probate, tax distributions, record keeping and other administrative duties. Our Executor Service is an effective solution and can tailor a plan to meet your specific requirements.

In-House Funds
  • Hajj Fund
  • Zakat Fund
  • Education Fund
  • Mosque Building Fund

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Financial Themes
  • Ijarah (Lease Finance)
  • Ijarah Thumma Bai' (Hire Purchase)
  • Ijarah-Wa-Iqtina (Lease-to-Own)
  • Istisna'a (Factoring)
  • Murabahah (Markup Financing)
  • Musharakah (Joint Venture)
  • Sukuk (Islamic Bonds)
  • Wadiah (Safekeeping)
  • Wakalah (Fiduciary/Trusteeship)
  • Kafalah (Guarantee)

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