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About Us


Our goal from the very beginning was to develop a Hong Kong based financial institution that provides financial services and conducts business in accordance with the tenets of Shariah.

We aim to be your trusted financial partner by providing contemporary financial solutions, leadership in service and quality financial products.

Our Vision

We assure sound risk management to effectively compete in the marketplace. We meet the financial services needs of our members through the observance of the fundamental ethics of Shariah.

Our philosophy is to steward public trust by ensuring strategic and efficient use of public resources, and meeting the highest standards in the provision of financial services.

Board & Committee Members

Board of Directors Lord Edwin E. Hitti - President
Joseph Lin - Vice-President
Robin Fox - Secretary
Rudi Prenzlin - Treasurer
Ulrik von Luttichau - Member

Credit Committee Gordon Yip - Chairman
Julia Charlton - Secretary
Elie Sfeir – Member

Supervisory Committee Anthony Chan - Chairman
Jason Gerber - Secretary
Ferdi Stolzenberg - Member

Education Committee Lawrence Pang - Chairman
Ajay Shamdassani - Secretary
Zubair M. Latif – Member

Shariah Advisory Board Sheikh Amine El Kurdi
Justice Oussama Ajouz
Lord Edwin E. Hitti
Dr. Walid El Kuzbary
Zubair M. Latif

Our Principles
Primary Objectives

To provide financial services to our members in line with (Halal*) Islamic principles; that is, the fair, simple and straight forward profit & loss sharing concept.

To facilitate earning Halal income.

To ease financing and ownership of property (home, vehicle & other approved tangible assets) in line with Islamic principles.

To assist performing social & religious obligations for Muslim members, namely Zakat* and Hajj*.

To establish feasible joint venture or partnership with our members and like-minded organizations.

*see glossary for terms (located at page bottom)


Credit Unions differ from Traditional Banks in many ways!
"Compared to banks, credit unions pay members higher returns on deposits, offer lower cost on loans, and have lower fees for services."

--Daniella Moretti

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