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AAOFI-Certified IMAL

Path Solutions is a worldwide Islamic banking software provider. It is the 1st Shariah Compliant software firm to be recognized and certified by the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions.

As a worldwide Islamic banking software provider, Path Solutions offers a wide range ofShariah Compliant software solutions, AAOIFI-certified and IAS-compliant integrated software.

Not only is Path Solutions an Islamic banking software provider but is a global provider of technology solutions, consulting services and outsourcing addressing the whole spectrum of the global finance industry.

COINSTAR Money Transfer

Coinstar ® Money Transfer provides an easy to use, reliable and cost effective way to send money around the world. Our services are specially suited for individuals away from home who need to send money to their family and friends or to manage their personal finances.

Be Our Partners

Our franchise consists of a unique combination of abilities to identify shifts in macro and demographic trends, our streamlined and competent decision making, our solid relationships with leading banks and deal providers, our innovate and experienced teams and our strong placement capability throughout world.
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    • Cannes
    • Frankfurt
    • Zurich
    • Amsterdam
    • London
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    • Toronto
    • New York
    • Beirut
    • Damascus
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